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Are my children and pets safe?

Yes. Please keep all kids and pets away from technicians while applying and keep off until dry, approximately 30 minutes.

Are the chemicals safe?

Yes. When mixed and applied properly, they are very safe and have an extremely low toxicity to mammals. Itís only strong enough to kill insects.

What are the effects of long-term exposure to the pesticides you use?

New formulations, such as baits, have nearly eliminated airborne pesticides indoors. Liquids and aerosols used by PermaTreat have minimal amounts of active ingredients. In fact, the inert ingredients in some "over-the-counter" pest control products are more harmful to homeowners and the environment than anything a Pest Management Professional (PMP) would consider using.

Do you guarantee your work?

We stand behind all of our work, should any problems arise within a reasonable amount of time after the completion of the job.