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SWAT Pest Control Services, LLC

Join the family of SWAT Pest Control Services, LLC for all your pest control needs. We are a locally owned and operated family business offering residential, commercial and property management services. CALL US TODAY to set up an appointment at 321-914-3925.

Insect Control

SWAT Pest Control Services offers home pest control services treating for common structural insects such as ants, wasps, carpenter ants, hornets, millipedes, moths, pantry pests, silver fish, ear wigs, and spiders.

Rodent Control

We offer treatments for rodents including rats, mice and moles. We treat for the Norway rats which are known for living in close connection with humans.

Lawn Care

We also offer lawn fertilization care! We will cater to your lawn's needs with the highest quality service providing weed control, pest control and fertilization treatments designed to target every lawn care issue.