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One of the worst pest problems a household can experience has to be an infestation of rodents. You more than likely have had at least one chance meeting with a rodent, and maybe even set traps or put out poison, but the chances are good that it didn't completely resolve the issue.

Rodents aren't just annoying, they're actually a danger to your health as well. Surely you are aware that there have been a number of health issues traced back to the droppings of rodents. And while the more serious diseases are a bit rare in Florida, you could still get sick or be affected. Anyone suffering from asthma or a compromised immune system is at increased risk when in the presence of these pests.

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Rodents can cause serious financial damage as well. Mostly roofs are affected, as rats nest in the attic space of your home. So think for a minute about the possible expense of a new roof. In addition, there are some statistics that indicate a number as high as 20% of all house fires have been started by rodents chewing through the wires in your attic!

We offer inspections and maintenance to stop or prevent rodents from entering your home. Call us at 931-914-3925 for a quote on and initial Rodent Exclusion Inspection where we can fix all areas of concern and then be able to provide you with our Quarterly Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP) for only $65.

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We take care of most rodents such as rats, raccoons, moles, armadillos, possoms, sqirrels, etc. We also specialize in bat removal. Call us today for a quote on removal services.