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tree injection photo

Tree Injections are a specialized extra service that we provide. We offer control treatments for the invasive Rugose Spiraling Whitefly which has been known to wreak havoc on palm trees and other landscape plants, as well as creating an unsightly mess of a black tar-like substance known as Sooty Mold. Sooty Mold is extremely difficult to remove from patios, pool decks, cars, sidewalks, and other surrounding landscape plants as well as negate the chlorine in your pool potentially turning water green leading to frustration and money spent on pool service when the culprit may be a Whitefly infestation.

Our injections help get nutrients and pesticides into the circulatory system of the tree, therefore allowing those nutrients to travel through the entire tree and getting quick results. We offer nutrient injections for palms and can also treat for various other diseases that can infest a variety of palms and hardwoods trees. These tree injections can help a tree go from minimal foliage to a full canopy in a short time. Call today for a quote.